pkcs11-list — list PKCS#11 objects


pkcs11-list [-P] [-m module] [-s slot] [-i ID] [-l label] [-p PIN]


pkcs11-list lists the PKCS#11 objects with ID or label or by default all objects. The object class, label, and ID are displayed for all keys. For private or secret keys, the extractability attribute is also displayed, as either true, false, or never.



List only the public objects. (Note that on some PKCS#11 devices, all objects are private.)

-m module

Specify the PKCS#11 provider module. This must be the full path to a shared library object implementing the PKCS#11 API for the device.

-s slot

Open the session with the given PKCS#11 slot. The default is slot 0.

-i ID

List only key objects with the given object ID.

-l label

List only key objects with the given label.

-p PIN

Specify the PIN for the device. If no PIN is provided on the command line, pkcs11-list will prompt for it.


pkcs11-destroy(8) , pkcs11-keygen(8) , pkcs11-tokens(8)

BIND 9.11.1rc3